Номын сан




·         unless otherwise stated in the law, set internal arrangement and regulation for the court  aside from adjudication of cases;

·         to deliver proposal on judicial qualification training to the Judicial Training, Research and Information Institute;

·         to submit a proposal to the President of Mongolia for the appointment of the Chief Justice, and decide whether to consider and/or forward the request to the President if the Chief Justice resigns at his/her own request;

·         to hear briefing of the Chief Justiceon the quality, outcomes of adjudication process, case management and oversight based on court practice and statistics;

·         to adopt detailed regulation for receiving cases, claims, litigations and compliant, allocation of cases and appointing judges and panels by draw;

·         to appoint judges and panel to handle cases and litigations, and to establish sequences for chairs of trials in accordance with the approved regulations;

·         to extend the period to issuing judicial decision by the cassation court;

·         to allocate cassation instance disciplinary case and establish sequence of trial chair and panel in accordance with approved regulation;

·         to decide whether to grant a leave of absence for one month up to three months;

·         to elect and dismiss presiding justice of the chamber;

·         to discuss nominations for members of the General Council and the Disciplinary Committee and submit them to the Supreme Court en banc;

·         to select a member of the working group to organize the Judges’ General Assembly;

·         to hear appointment and dismissal of the Chief of Secretariat of the Supreme Court and Director of the Judicial Training, Research and Information Institute;

·         to review the work report of the Secretariat of the Supreme Court;

·         other rights provided by law.