Номын сан




- represent the respective court exercising his/her rights;

- schedule, organize and chair Consultation of Judges stated in paragraph 19.1 of the Law on Judiciary, and organize action to implement its decisions;

- unless otherwise stated in the law, formalize decisions appointing trial chair and panel;

- oversee actions of Court Administration providing response to reports and complaints lodged, not relevant to case adjudication proceedings;

- provide short term leave stipulated in the Article 72.1.10 of the Law on Judiciary upon discussion at the Consultation of Judges as well as absence of leave permitted by the internal procedures for judges;

- coordinate with functions of Presiding Judge of the Chamber;

- provide information to Consultation on the quality, outcomes of adjudication process, case management and oversight based on court practice and statistics;

- schedule a date for Supreme Court All- Justices Session and Consultation, facilitate preparatory work, chair sessions;

- represent Supreme Court in foreign relations;

- assign Supreme Court justices for domestic and foreign missions;

- coordinate activities between chambers and allocate issues other than case adjudication to the chambers for discussion;

- appoint and dismiss the Chair of Administration of Supreme Court and Director of the Judicial Training, Research, and Information Institute following information session to the Consultation;

- represent Supreme Court before the President, State Great Khural and Cabinet for decisions made by the Supreme Court en banc and Consultation;

- provide written responses to reports and complaints regarding adjudication process;

- other rights stated in the law.