Номын сан




·         to establish specialized chamber at the Supreme Court by types of cases, if specifically stated in the law, and approve chamber composition;

·         to discuss issues on establishing specialized chamber at appellate instance court and to make decision based on the proposal from Judge’s Consultation;

·         to submit proposal on case adjudication procedures and draft laws on court proceedings and legal status to law-makers and deliver proposal on improving other laws to legislature members;

·         to make interpretation on Mongolian laws, aside from the Constitution of Mongolia, for ensuring uniform application of law, based on proposals from chambers, and publicize official interpretations regularly;

·         to review and resolve issues, submitted by Constitutional Court and Prosecutor-General, on protecting laws and human rights, liberties stated in the laws;

·         to lodge request to Constitutional Court in response to a request from General Council, stated in paragraph 73.2 of Law on Courts, or deems that there is a ground to discuss the proposal, stated in paragraph 6.4 of Law on Courts;

·         to make proposals within 30 days since the grounds for nomination and removal of Constitutional Court member arises;

·         maintain registry of political parties;

·         other rights stated in the law.

Consultation of Judges