Номын сан




·         to appoint a judicial panel on the grounds specified in the law in the event that the judicial panel of the Chamber of the Supreme Court is insufficient;

·         to define jurisdiction for legal disputes, of which the jurisdiction not established by law;

·         to establish specialized chamber at the Supreme Court by types of cases, if specifically stated in the law, and approve chamber composition;

·         discuss issues on establishing specialized chamber at appellate instance court and make decision based on the proposal from Judge’s Consultation;

·         to discuss the proposal of the General Council on establishing, re-structuring, dissolving and identifying location of courts other than the Supreme Court; 

·         Submit proposals to lawmakers on draft legislation related to court proceedings' procedure and legal status.

·         submit proposals for improving legislation to legislators;

·         make interpretation on Mongolian laws, aside from the Constitution of Mongolia, for ensuring uniform application of law, based on proposals from chambers;

·         to review matters referred by the Constitutional Court and the General Prosecutor Office regarding the protection of human rights and freedoms stipulated in the law

·         In the event that President, State Great Khural and Cabinet issue a decision with characteristics of  affecting or breaking the judicial independence and impartiality, or President, Prime Minister, Member of  State Great Khural, Cabinet Minister, Prosecutor-General and Chief Justice of Supreme Court commit acts  affecting or breaking judicial independence and impartiality, General Council shall immediately convene  and submit a proposal to Supreme Court to lodge claims to Constitutional Court. Supreme Court shall lodge claim to Constitutional Court as specified in paragraph 1, Article 66 of the Constitution of Mongolia. 

·         In case that court considers that laws applied for case adjudication and international treaties of Mongolia are contrary to or not in conformity with the Constitution of Mongolia, court shall suspend the adjudication of case and submit proposal on the law and international treaties to Supreme Court. The Supreme Court shall discuss a request and if deems reasonable, submit a proposal to the Constitutional Court of Mongolia;

·         to make proposals within 30 days since the grounds for nomination and removal of Constitutional Court member arisesand in case of the replacement of the member of the Constitutional Court and refusal of appointment by the State Great Khural for the candidate proposed by the Supreme Court, Supreme Court shall make a proposal within 14 and 7 days, respectively;

·         maintain registry of political parties;

·         to nominate two civil servants as a member of the General Election Commission; 

·         to hear General Council Report on ensuring impartiality of judges;

·         to nominate a candidate for International Criminal Court Judges’ Election;

·         other issues stated in the law.