Номын сан




The Administrative Department process of overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Supreme Court related to following archives and records procedures, manage and provide a professional and technical guidance to the Internal Division and administration staff, review and evaluate operational performance, encourage and charge employees and report about annual and planned actions of the Administrative and Management Division to the officials.

Moreover, it created a complex of technology system introducing up-to-date information, communication and technical solutions and organized activities towards working out and implementation of a unified policy and providing all justices and court administrative officials with professional, methodical and organizational guidance of information and technology.

For the purpose of improving a selection and planning of human resource the Administrative Department worked out a unified policy on training and improving skills and qualifications of justices and court administrative officials. Also, it has been working out drafts on reformation of concerned rules and procedures on human resource corresponding to the expedient to improve the court’s human resource management. Structure of administrative department