Номын сан




The Supreme Court shall exercise the following rights in relation to adjudication proceedings:

·         if specifically assigned by law, adjudicate cases as primary instance court;

·         to adjudicate cases that appellate instance court adjudicated as primary instance according to procedures and regulations set forth in paragraph 25.71 of this law and other laws, as appellate instance case;

·         to appoint panel in the event that Chamber justices become insufficient due to grounds set forth in the law;

·         to define jurisdiction for legal disputes, of which the jurisdiction not established by law;

·         In order to ensure the unified application of the law, Supreme Court shall adjudicate rulings of appellate instance court as cassation instance in/for the following circumstances/purposes:


a.    to eliminate difference at the primary and appellate instance courts on application of law;

b.    the law was interpreted and applied differently than the official interpretation of the Supreme Court

serious violation in case adjudication affected judicial decision