The Supreme Court team won second championship

The Supreme Court of Mongolia successfully organized a football championship on 15-16 September 2018 between the first and appeal instance courts of Mongolia. Among the capital city courts, the football championship was held in 2016, and this year the Supreme Court organized amongst the all courts in Mongolia to make the competition wider and competitive.
A total of 20 judges competed in the tournament, and the Supreme Court team, headed by A.Erdenet, won the cup second time and won the gold medal. Also, team of the Baganuur District Court headed by M. Purevdorj, won a silver medal, while, a first instance Civil court in Bayanzurkh, Sukhbaatar and Chingeltei district headed by B.Amarbayasgalan received a bronze medal. Also, N.Buyandelger, female player of the Baganuur district court, was awarded the gold medal for her effort to competent with against as the men, and won her team as a second place.

The best striker was M.Orgil of Baganuur district court and "Best goalkeeper" by T.Ulziihtuvsh, Supreme Court's goalkeeper, "Best midfielder" by B. Enkhmanlai, judges of Uvs province, "Best guard "The Supreme Court's Athlete
A.Erdenet was named.
The tournament was held in Dornogovi aimag which the court went to the semi finals. The team of the Supreme Court of Mongolia won the gold medal in the "Sports Festival-2018" cup among central legal authorities.
The competition consists of 11 authorities including the State Great Khural, the Judicial General Council, the Ministry of Justice and Internal Affairs, the Constitutional Court, the General Prosecutor's Office, the Mongolian Bar Association, the Mongolian Advocates Association, the National Legal Institute and the Legal Aid Center. The cup was organized by a Mongolian Advocates Association, celebrating its 90th anniversary, with six types of sports, including volleyball, basketball, table tennis, chess, billiards, and bowling.
The team of Supreme Court won the women's game in the Basketball category, while the Supreme Court men's team won the gold medal in the volleyball tournament.

The the Supreme Court comprised M.Damiransuren, D.Erdenebalsuren and E.Enkhjargal in the chess category won bronze, J.Erdenechimeg won the gold medal in the women's singles billiard category, J.Erdenechimeg and T.Batdorj are in second place billiard team category and takes third place with a total score.
Form table tennis catgory L.Batbaatar, the Supreme Court, won first place in the men's singles category, L.Batbaatar, J.Erdenechimeg and G.Gantogtok are placed in a 3 place as a team.
The Supreme Court athlete, D.Munkhtsetseg, was named the best female athlete in the basketball tournament, the Supreme Court Athlete G.Bankmunkh, was named the best male volleyballs and J.Erdenechimeg named the the best
female athlete in the table tennis.