Honoring ceremony of Sh.Davaadulam

On October 19, 2018, honoring ceremony for retirement held for Sh.Davaadulam, was Officer in charge of Legal theory and methodology of the Supreme Court of Mongolia.
During honoring ceremony, Mr. Naranpurev, Head of the Adminstrative Department the Supreme Court, emphasizes the importance of Sh.Davaadulam who have the skills she have made and said "Sh.Davaadulam started her career a member and arbitrator of the Sukhbaatar Aimag court in 1982, and has been recognized as one of the best candidates to participate in the implementation of the four Courts on Law passed since 1978, to re-train judges and to conduct
baseline research on legal issues".
Sh.Davaadulam, In her speech, told her colleagues that from 1976 she had a connection with this organization since her departure to study in Russia under the name of the Supreme Court. She memorizes and told that In 1982 after graduated with a law degree from the Kuban State University in Krasnayadari, worked in the Sukhbaatar Aimag court for four years with a fur coat, and male colleagues at that time taw frozen steam boilers which putting up with patience. Also, she highlighted that in 1986, she come to the Supreme Court Arbitration Committees, since that she has been working on judicial training and research for 22 years. She called on the youth to love the reputation of the Supreme Court, and to bless the whole colleagues for their health, work and goodness.

During the ceremony, M.Damiransuren, Head of the Office of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Mongolia, and the Honored Lawyer of Mongolia, wishes her good luck and long lasting happiness.