S.Baasantseren is "Altangadas", B.Chimgee and B. Pureveh are awarded "Honored Labor Medal"

On the occasion of the 2227th anniversary of the Statehood, 812th anniversary of the Great Mongol Empire, 107th anniversary of the Restoration of National Freedom and Independence, 97th anniversary of the People’s Revolution, and the 28th anniversary of the Democratic Revolution, a ceremony for presenting state titles, orders and medals by the president took place On July 9, 2018, in the Supreme Court. Awardees are Baasanseren Sodnom as a "Altanagdas", Bayar Chimgee Senior Officer for Information Inquiry and Purev Bandi are awarded the honorary Medal of Labor.

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Ts. Zorig congratulated the employees who were awarded the State Supreme Medal of Excellence and noted that they performed their duty with in dignity.
S.Baasantseren, who awarded the "altan gadas", expressed his appreciation for the awardees and blessed them with all the happiness and goodness. Also, officier of Information Technology at the Supreme Court of Mongolia, E.Bayarbaatar, Senior Officer of Computer Hardware Assistance, J. Erdene were awarded "leading Officer of Information and Communication" by the Director of Communication and Information Technology Department.