The National Audit Office assessed the financial activities and financial statements of Chief Justice the Supreme Court in 2017 with "No Violation".

The Audit Office audited the budget for the financial statements and budget execution ended on 31 December 2017 of Chief Justice the Supreme Court, according to the Article 15.1 and 18.2 of Article 15 of the Law on State Audit, Article 8.9.5 of the Law on State Budget.
The audit report submitted by the Audit Office concluded that "Finance statement of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court on 31 December 2017 was accordance with the Budget Law, the Accounting Law, and the International Accounting
Standards IPSAS and the financial position, detailed income statement, changes in equity and cash flow reports were materialized and done by the approved the Minister of Finance policies, procedures, and instructions. The report assessed with "No Violation" and in a truthful, objective and fair manner "