Training on civil law

Between 17-27 April 2018, a Chamber for Civil Cases of the Supreme Court, Judicial General Council and the German Agency for International Cooperation's project on "Legal Environment for Sustainable Economic Development" was
co-organized Training on civil law.
The training is led by Mr. Y. Kute, the former Presiding Judge of the Civil Chamber of Supreme Court in Nurnberg, Bavaria, Germany, and a total of 24 judge-trainers and Justices of Chamber for Civil Cases has participated in the
The context of training was "The Agreement on the Transfer of Assets to Another's Ownership and Utilization and the Use of Civil Law" and discussed including property leasing contract, financial leasing, and the leasing contract during the course. This traditional training is of great significance in the legal framework of our country which based on the legal tradition. At the end of the course, the draft Civil Craft Handbook 2018 was finalized and sent to the judges.