N.Chinbat has nominated as Member of Constitutional Court /Constitutional TSets/

The Supreme Court's setting in banc convened on June 6, 2017 and discussed the nomination of candidates for the Constitutional Tsets of Mongolia. R. Gonchigdorj, N. Chinbat, D. Zumberellkham and J. Dashdorj were nominated for the member of the Constitutional Tsets and during the consultation, the Justice of the Supreme Court nominated the name of Ts.Sarantuya. From them, D. Zumberellkham withdrawn his name by his official latter and voting held amongst R.Gonchigdorj, N. Chinbat, J.Dashdorj and Ts.Santantuya. After the vote N. Chinbat received a majority of the votes of Justices of the Supreme Court Mongolia and proposal issued for member of the Constitutional Tsets from the Supreme Court. According to the proposal, the State Great Hural, Mongolia appointed N. Chinbat as member of the Constitutional Tsets.