Mongolia candidates in judge for international criminal court

Secretariat of the Assembly of States Parties of International Criminal Court has announced an election of six Judges to the International Criminal Court on march 07, 2017 and the registration of candidates was completed from 24 April to 16 July 2017. The elections were scheduled for the sixteenth session of the Assembly of States Parties, held at United Nations, New York, from 4 to 14 December 2017.

The Supreme Court Justice Ch. Khosbayar has been nominated from Mongolia for the first time successfully with the assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Mongolia.

In frame of nomination process Mongolian candeite Ch.Khosbayar attend the sixth meeting of the Advisory Committee on Nomination of Judges (ACN), Coalition for the International Criminal Court campaign on the ICC judicial elections,  in Hague, Netherlands.

In the six judges’ vacancies of the International Criminal Court, 12 countries have nominated their candidates, and Mongolia and Japan have been nominated from Asia.

In addition, the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court is the treaty that established the International Criminal Court and It was adopted at a diplomatic conference in Rome on 1998 and it entered into force on 2002.

Mongolia ratified the Rome Statute in 2002 and was among the 60 founding countries of the ICC. Currently, 123 countries have joined the Roman Statute. the Rome Statute  established four core international crimes: genocidecrimes against humanitywar crimes, and crime of aggression and the member countries are obliged to extradite the International Criminal Court if it is impossible to resolve domestic affairs.