Meeting with representative of Organization of Security and Co-o peration in Europa

Presiding Justice for Administrative Cases, The Supreme Court of Mongolia Mr. M.Batsuuri and Head of Administrative Department of the Supreme Court of Mongolia Mr. J.Naranpurev received delegations of Organization of Security and Co-operation in Europa, Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, Head of obseber Presidential Election, Ambassador, Mr. Gerd-Hinrich Arans, law expert Mariana Scopa on June 13, 2017.
During the meeting, M.Batsuuri, Presiding Justice, gave a brief introduction of the legal system of Mongolia, the jurisdiction of electoral dispute, the Supreme Court's legal regulation to participate in the dispute resolution and responded to the questions of the delegates.
The Ambassador Mr. Gerd-Hinrich Ares expressed his opinion on the timing limits of the electron dispute, in particular the dispute over the registration of candidates.