The Supreme Court team won the competition and holds a cup

Supreme Court team has been successfully in participated sport event that includes six sport type, for the 90th anniversary of the Capital City Court and has won the sport event trophy.

In total, 11 teams competed in six different types of games: basketball, basketball, chess, stunts, and table tennis.

The Supreme Court's women's team tops the 1st place in the women's basketball tournament. For volleyball tournament the men's team of Supreme Court finished second and the women's team of the Supreme Court ranked in third place. In addition, I. Khajidmaa, judgeassistant
expert of the Supreme Court awarded the Best Female Player, in the Basketball category.

Also in the competition chess category, E.Enkhjargal, Practitioner and Expert for Civil Law and, ranked in 1st, M.Damiransuren, Head of office for Chief Justice ranked
in 3rd place, as for checkers category, B.Volodya judgeassistant expert ranked in 2rd place.