Presiding justice of the Supreme Court of chamber for civil cases Kh.Soninbayar on Sep 23, 2016 welcomed Germany’s International Cooperating Committee head of planning, implementation and valuation of legal project, senior expert, Doc.Myul Hans, arbitral expert Shtok Mayer.

The presiding justice Kh.Soninbayar addressed the importance of following matters during the meeting: the Supreme Court is cooperating on a project titled “Securing economic stability of the legal environment” for the purpose of introducing judicial monitoring either modern judicial management since 2008, the project has been implementing with three parts.

In the project the civil case procedure has applied connecting software system to all stages of courts. The program reducing and saving the time of legal procedures. Also it not only used internally, the case participants can gain access to the program to learn about the cases they involved.

Each year the legal training for judges it provides them the opportunity to expand their legal knowledge and skills. In the future would like to continue to work.

Dr. Myul Hans and Shtok Mayer discussed the followings with Kh.Soninbayar, about the software system of legal procedure and training for judges. In the future continue those activities. Also mentioned that the project result had been successful and would like to continue proceed the project newly from May, 2017.