Justice of the Supreme Court of chamber for administrative cases M.Batsuuri, Head of Administration Department J.Naranpurev welcomed the Ambassador to the post of Director of the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe Mrs.Audrey Francis Glover and Legal Expert Mrs. Marla Morry on Jun21, 2016.

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe entered President Election as an observer and this time will enter Parliament Election as an observer.

OSCE Election Observation visits member countries to observe the democratic elections that meets the basic standards. The OSCE will work on Mongolia’s Parliament election and its fairness, transparency and that election process carried out accordingly to the Mongolian legislation.

Presiding justice of chamber for administrative cases M.Batsuuri expressed his gratitude for visiting Mongolia and responded to the following questions for the OSCE visitors on judicial process of election dispute especially registration of political parties, administrative
court process of election dispute and legal adjustment of election law and administrative procedure law.

OSCE legal expert Marla Morry is an internationally reckoned lawyer and well known expertise at legal reconstruction, election, legalized politic, rule of law, stabilizing justness, protecting human rights and while working for United Nations, OSCE, European Unions, International non-government organizations she experienced working with developing countries of Eastern Europe, Caucasian, Central and Southern Asia, the Middle East, West African countries she also worked along with democracy developed countries of Western Europe and North America.