Competitions on “Court and Human right” amongst journalists.

From November 2014 to March 2015, the Supreme Court of Mongolia has announced Competitions amongst journalists titled “Court and Human right”.

The main propose of this event is to advertise how court has been protecting human right and to build objective view of public. Around 20 TV program, publications are submitted which are meet the timing, and other requirements set forth in guidelines of the competition.

The team of including Presiding Justice, Justice and Head of Administrative Department of the Supreme Court has made evaluation on competition. In category of Television and Radio, first place goes to journalist Ts.Sukhbaatars ‘Tod Juram’, second place goes to journalist P.Enkhmaa’s ‘Window of the building without shadow’ and third place goes to journalist Ts.Altantsetseg’s ‘Guide of Justice’.

Furthermore in category of publication on newspaper and web site, first place goes to journalist E.Bolorkhajid’s interview with N.Ochirbat ‘Saved our 2 children from lifetime of debts’, second place goes to lawyer P.Nyamtseren’s ‘Judicial reform and Justice chase and third place goes to G.Tsolmon’s ‘Person who holding scale of justice and truth’.