National Inspection on Governmental organization's archives and record management has been successfully held

On September 08-14, 2015, the joint inspection unit stablished by following acts including Government degree number 195 on ‘Conducting Inspection’ dated on May 18, 2015; Prime Minister order number 124 ‘Confirming Guideline and Composition of Central Inception Commission’ dated May 18, 2015; National inspection schedule approved by the Minister of Justice, held inspection in the Supreme Court of Mongolia on judicial archives and record management.

In frame of inspection the Supreme Court of Mongolia set up equipment /fire alarm, moisturizer/  in archive facilities to meet with appropriate level and standards and requirements preservation and protection of records and regularized the Archive and document review commission under the organization and made registrations of permanent stored documents recorded between 1996-2012 as well as temporary stored documents between 1994-2012. Also commission registered 70 years of archives between 1987-2012, permitted to documents to annihilate between 1996-2010 and submitted to  the Record Review Commission under National Archives Authority.  The National Inspection Commission concluded that the Supreme Court Archive were approval and rated 86.5 "B".