Retirement ceremony for honorable justices

On 10th January, 2015, retirement ceremony for honorable Justices of the Supreme Court of Mongolia Mr. S.Nyamjav, Mr. G.Dorjgotov, Mrs. D.Tungalag and Mrs. P.Tsetsgee were held at the Supreme Court of Mongolia.

Honorable Justices and key persons of this event who are contributed their heart and soul to court totally 25-38 years. 17-25 years from those years they served as a Justice of the Supreme Court which is highest judicial organization of Mongolia and has been made their significant efforts to constitute human rights, freedom and justice.

During the event, by the order of Chief Justice, Mr. S.Nyamjav, Mr. G.Dorjgotov, Mrs. D.Tungalag and Mrs. P.Tsetsgee were awarded as a “Medel of Honor” of the Supreme Court of Mongolia. 

Justices who are the key personals of the ceremony addressed speech to participants was thrilling. Former Presiding Justice of Chamber for Criminal Cases, SCM and State Honored lawyer S.Nyamjav said “I would like to express sincere gratitude to all judges and judicial officials of Mongolia who shares same goals with me for 40 years, especially for Justices and officials of the Supreme Court wherein worked together for almost 20 years”. And he added that ‘I will always wish full happiness to your lives’  

Justice Mrs. D.Tungalag said “I have spent almost one third of life and 21 years of those I served at the Supreme Court. Working as Justice of the Supreme Court is most honored and great opportunity for me which is rare fate. I would like to thank to all Justices and officials of Supreme Court. For me they are considered just like my family.  Organization is one great power which shares one goal and that power goes forward with the participation of all staff. I become a member of this big family since the new Constitution of Mongolia, in 1993 which changed the organizational structure of the Supreme Court.  At the time, my colleagues were "golden age" of Supreme Court. In the future I have no doubt that young generations of Supreme Court will devote their life to work with courage and endurance".

Justice Mr. A.Dorjgotov said “I’m very happy to see my colleges to participate this event and honor us. I believe and wishes long lasting success to Judiciary of Mongolia.  Working as a honorable position of Justice of Supreme Court, I always things about working with pure soul and heart. I think my desire is fulfilled".

Justice P.Tsetsgee said "In 1990, I appointed as the Justice of Supreme Court. At that time, during the session of State parliament, regarding the selection of Justice of Supreme Court, members of parliament asked lot of questions from me. I was young and daring to answer their questions. I very happy to enter holy threshold of the Supreme Court and I delighted 25 years of my life. Lastly I would like to wish long lasting success to my all colleagues".

Presiding Justice of Chamber for Administrative Cases of the Supreme Court Mr.  M.Batsuuri closed the ceremony and noted that “You made great effort by handed the court in difficult time, and handed over it to us. Our heart always open"