Welcome Ceremony for newly appointed Justices Of The Supreme Court

On April 22, 2015 ceremony held at the Supreme Court for welcoming newly appointed following four Justices of Mrs. G.Altanchimeg, Mrs. P.Soyol-Erdene, Mrs P.Zolzaya and Mr Ch.Khosbayar by the Order of the President of Mongolia, number 58 issued on same day.

During this event Ts.Zorig Chief Justice of Mongolia, congratulated and wished lasting success for newly appointed Justices and noted that Justice of the Supreme Court is member of highest judicial organization, respect the justice and fairness is the main principle of judges.

State Honored lawyer Mr. M.Damiransuren, Head of the Office of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, congratulated to newly appointed Justices and said ‘each lawyer passion is to being appointed as a Justice of Supreme court. As were a position of a Justice of the Supreme Court, I would like to wish you to enhance and develop your own knowledge’. Lastly he also conveyed that ‘respect while interacting with the people and associates’.

Mrs. T.Urantsetseg Presiding Justice of the Chamber for Criminal cases also the Head of the Judge’s Association Brach at SPM, wishes new Justices for good luck and conveyed that ‘understand and respect the principle of justice and fairness while working or acting as a Justice of SCM’

From the newly appointed Justices Mrs. P.Zolzaya and Ch.Khosbayar said ‘we are very delighted to have a chance to work and learn from Justices of the Supreme Court who is high professional skill’. At the end they expressed that respect principle of justice and fairness.