Judges Training on a Commercial law

The Supreme Court, associated with Judicial General Council and International Development Law Organization together held a training, from May 5 to June 22 2014,  which is a main part of project titled “Judges Training on a Commercial law” and total of 200 judges were participated this training. During the lesson, Mr. Harwell Wells, Professor of Law at Temple University of US, carry out the training titled ‘Right of Shareholders’ for 107 Judges in Mongolia, through the online from USA. This is the first online training for judges, using latest online equipment, across the continent. Also during this training event, from May 22-24 and June 5-7, number of prestigious USA university professors lectured following topics such as Charles Booth "Bankruptcy Law", Aviva Abramovskii "Insurance Law" Jonathan Lipson "Creditor Law" and Julio Javier Zanetti "Competition Law". Amongst 15 judge-trainees, Justices of the Supreme Court, namely Justice Mr. A.Dorjgotov, "the rights of shareholders," Mrs. P.Tsetsgee "Lender", and Presiding Justice Mr. M.Batsuuri "Competition law" were lectured to the attendants. Additionally, this project funded following text books to publish such as "the rights of shareholders", "Competition Law" and "Lender", "Bankruptcy Law" and "Insurance Law" and delivered to participants no charge.