10th Anniversary of Establishment of Administrative court

10 years from now on June 1st, 2002 State Great Khural /parliament of Mongolia/ issued two main law titled ‘Procedure law on Administrative Case’ and ‘Law on Establishing Administrative Court’ which is birth of Administrative Court.  Those laws are forced on June 1st, 2004 and followed by The President of Mongolia issued an Order No. 96, dated June 4th 2004, appointing 5 Judges of Capital City’s Administrative Court. At that same day the President of Mongolia also issued an Order No 98, appointing 47 Administrative court judges of 21 province. This day President appointed total of 52 Administrative Court Judges which is the day of Administrative Court officially can operate in all over Mongolia.

According to the ‘Law on Court’, dated July 3th 2013, 20 independent Administrative first instance court were established and 98 judge of first and 13 appellate instance court judges were appointed.

Article 4 of the Administrative Procedure Law, adopted in 2002 set forth in details and type of administrative disputes and concerning acts issued by administrative organization and regulatory officials.

During the 10 years period total of 19683 cases were applied to the 3 levels Administrative Courts.  Of those cases, first instance court proceeds 7441 cases, Appellate court reviewed 3519 cases and 1807 cases were appealed for final hearing at the Supreme Court and total 12767 cases were proceeded by the court.